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Training for a Marathon

Participating in a marathon takes a lot of dedication. But there benefits to running the 26.2 mile trek: confidence to deal with life’s problems; camaraderie with an elite group of runners; solid fitness levels; and, naturally, a real source of pride.
To avoid injury, you have to plan to complete the marathon. This article is a basic guideline for people who are already in basic shape. If you think you’re active and are confident you can handle a marathon, please keep reading, although this article is written for someone …

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Benefits of Fitness Boot Camp

If you are a current or former member of the military (thank you for your service!), the term “boot camp” may cause you a little uneasiness. However, fitness boot camps are one of the latest fitness crazes. They help you establish a healthy lifestyle while giving you rigorous work out. Here are five ways fitness boot camp will assist you in obtaining your health goals: 
1. Fast Results – An organized, one hour boot camp fitness session will help you burn up to 900 calories. They include …

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Increase Your Workout Intesity For Maximum Weight Loss

You have probably heard the term “quality time” before. Well, it also applies to exercising. Intensifying your training can assist you to make your weight loss goals faster while also reducing the length of your exercise periods. A truly intense session can give you great results in less than half an hour, but you have to get that heart beating.
Most people don’t realize that the intensity of a workout is important. An intense 25 minute workout can do more to help you than a slow one …

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Hot Yoga for Beginners

Hot Yoga, sometimes referred to as Bikram or Hatha Yoga is the latest emergent onto the scene of health and wellbeing classes with the usual parade of celebrity endorsements being bandied around in the tabloids and journals. But what exactly is hot yoga, what are the benefits and what might you need to get started? Read on for a beginners guide to this latest fitness and wellbeing phenomenon.
What Is It?
Hot Yoga is yoga but done under intense heat with average temperatures of 43 degrees. The classes themselves comprise of a …

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What Are the Health Benefits of Snowboarding?

Whether you’ve got a snow-capped mountains near you or not, snowboarding is becoming an increasingly popular action sport wherever you are. Most major cities now have an indoor slope with either real or fake snow, and there are also a lot of outdoor areas covered with a snow-like surface. If you’re looking for a new way of getting fit that doesn’t involve the gym or running, then this could well be for you.
The first thing that you’ll notice about snowboarding is that it is a cardio-intensive workout. You’ll get hot, …

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Homemade Flat Abs

There is a famous quote that says “Charity begins at home.” There are many programs on the internet which say they will give you great abs. If you want those “six pack” abs, the easiest place to look is in your home.
Here three simple things you should do at home that can lead to those six pack abs:
1. Look in your kitchen
Good recipes get good results. The secret of getting flat abs is reducing your body fat by at least ten percent. Your meals should regularly include high quality …

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Walk and Save

Getting fit and saving money can actually walk hand-in-hand. Today’s ease of transport makes life much more convenient, however a sedentary lifestyle can cost in more ways than one. The body functions best when used and a lack of exercise can lead to a variety of health problems ranging from joint pain to heart trouble.
Those with desk jobs have to carve out time to get moving yet paying for a gym membership isn’t the best way to go for anyone on a budget. There are plenty of fitness programmes …

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Why Cricket is a Great Fitness Sport

It may seem unlikely but cricket is one of the best sports to participate in if you want to increase your fitness levels and improve your overall health. A typical match makes use of many muscles that are otherwise neglected in most other basic forms of fitness such as jogging or cycling and can even give you a sharper focus on your fitness patterns in general. Here are some top reasons why cricket provides such a great way to stay in shape.
Great for Upper body strength
In a game of …

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How to Find Your Perfect Fitness Regime and Stick to It

From gyms and social classes to sports, there are so many ways to keep fit and choosing one that works for you can seem impossible when you’re first starting out. If you’re keen to get fit and healthy but aren’t sure where to start, the following tips should help to give you a better idea of the best fitness routine for you.
Use your initial motivation for inspiration
Try basing your exercise regime around your motivation for wanting to get fit in the first place. Are you aiming to rid yourself …

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The Most Common Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem, but numerous people who are affected by it do not seek medical help. There are several reasons for this. They may not realize they have lost some of their hearing, and no one has told them, either.
They may be scared to admit they’re losing their hearing. They may also feel embarrassed about it, thinking people will feel sorry for them if they have a hearing aid or not wanting to admit they are getting older.

But, the truth is hundreds of thousands of people all …

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What Health Risks Are Caused by Continuing to Smoke?

It should be plainly obvious to even those who continue to smoke that their habit is a dangerous one that has a significant negative impact on health. Such is the problem with smoking, in that smokers are keenly aware that their habit may eventually lead to their early death, yet their addiction is so strong that there is little that they feel they can do to stop. Developing an understanding of the specific smoking health risks that are caused may serve to motivate smokers to quit, thereby avoiding the short-term …

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When You Cannot Decide Between High Quality and Low Price Contact Fitness 19

Are you like so many other people and on a tight budget? You start looking at fitness centers and it seems you must make a choice between great equipment and facilities or low price. Fitness 19 has a motto which says “Where You Can Afford to Get Fit”. This is a motto they take seriously.
The problem with many fitness centers which adopt a budget slogan or motto is it shows up in the quality of their facilities and equipment. You walk in the door and the …

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Sprinting: The King of Cardio

When it comes to ‘doing cardio’ there are very few people who look forward to it, especially if your goal is to build muscle and achieve a lean physique.
Boring, tenuous steady-state cardio is not something worthy of highlighting in the diary. In truth, excessive cardio training can put too much stress on your body and potentially has more negative effects than positive.
It is a wonder why more people do not perform anaerobic sprints and explosive speed drills. On the scale of benefits, sprinting outweighs aerobic cardiovascular training every time.
Lose More …

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What is a Walk in Clinic?

‘Walk in Clinic’ is a phrase that is uncannily familiar yet at the same time, not too many people can describe exactly what services are rendered there. Is it a freestanding emergency room or is it a convenient care clinic? How does it differ from an urgent care facility?
These are all questions that may easily run through the mind of a potential patient who is actively seeking the services of a walk in clinic but is not entirely sure what is offered. Here is a …

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Conquering the Downside of Athletic Injuries via Preventative Sports Medicine: Four Treatments You Should Seek Often for Optimal Performance

Active athletes are more susceptible to injuries that most other people. The sheer brunt of the impact sports they undertake puts their bodies at grave risk of sustaining injuries. Whether your preferred sport is baseball, running, swimming, biking or even football – just to name a few – impact injuries can and do happen all of the time. Before they happen, it’s never a bad idea to seek a consultation from sports medicine doctors to learn more about preventative and post treatment options that you can consider for rehabilitation.
Physical Therapy
Sports …

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Four Ways That Standing At Work Can Improve Mental Acuity

Research from the past decade has continued to confirm that hours of sitting can have dramatic effects on physical health, ranging from decreased metabolic function to increased risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Many individuals with traditionally sedentary work routines are looking to try an ergonomic adjustable desk or a treadmill desk to help combat a variety of ill-effects on general bodily health. With more companies implementing standing desks at work, many employees are finding that there are a number of benefits of standing on mental health as …

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5 Tips For Choosing a Gym

Are you looking for a gym? If the answer is yes, here are a few things you should think about when deciding which gym to join:
1. Location
You should try to join one close to your home or office. You are much more likely to stop there when you already pass it every day. Conversely, if you have to go out of your way to get there, you are much more likely to put it off.
2. Budget
What fee fits into your budget best? While staying healthy …

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Daily Don’ts: Bad Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

Good oral hygiene is important for healthy teeth and a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many common habits that are done during the day can damage the teeth. Some of these unconscious habits can lead to tooth decay or gum disease over the course of a few months or years. Dr. Damon Barbieri outlined some of these bad habits that can hurt your teeth and should be avoided as much as possible.
Grinding Teeth
The muscles in the jaw are incredibly powerful. Clenching the jaw or grinding teeth can cause serious damage over time. …

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Health, Air Quality, and the Environment in China

China’s problems with air quality arises from its status as a developing nation, eager to make use of industrial might to fuel its economy. However, in the attached infographic, you can see that the side effects of rapid industrialization, particularly air pollution, is a serious threat both to the quality of life for humans in or near China and the environment as a whole. The Chinese modernization has deadly consequences due to its lack of pollution control and other regulation.
China Behind in Measuring Air Pollution
Air particulates that are smaller than …

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How Home Health Care Providers are Managing their Inbound Calls Effectively

In the home health care industry, fast and efficient service is important. Individuals rely on their home health aids to provide quality care. When they call in to discuss an issue or schedule an appointment, being greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive voice can be comforting.
A Sound Business Decision
Managing inbound calls can be difficult if every member of the staff is occupied or out caring for patients. Hiring an efficient answering service that specializes in health care, is beneficial for both the client as well as the healthcare staff. …

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Using Canned Oxygen For Bodybuilding – Fad or Here to Stay?

Jonti Wilson is the well-known one legged bodybuilder, who has coined the phrase “Four toots on my tin” when talking about using canned oxygen as part of his training.
For those of us who have been around the body building scene for a few years, we’ve seen various fads come and go. From equipment like slimming belts and “shake weights” to dozens of faddy diets, we’ve seen them all come and go, and got back to what we know works – eating well, using the right supplements at the right time, …

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Picking Out a Boxing Bag

When done right, boxing is one of the best exercises around. Getting the proper boxing bag is an imperative part of doing it right. Speed, heavy and double end bags are just a few of the options available for you.
Speed bags are the fast-moving ones you see extending from an overhang. They work on your reflexes, speed and agility. The overhang is generally installed on a stand or the wall. It takes a lot of work to get the timing down on hitting …

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Casual Sportswear – Working Your Favourite Sportswear into your Every-Day Outfits

We all like to feel comfortable, but we also like to look presentable, especially during occasions that call for it. Finding the right balance between function and fashion, comfort and class, can be an absolute nightmare, especially if (like myself) you have about as much natural fashion sense as an otter. There is a compromise to be made though, and once you find it, you’ll never have to worry about whether to go ‘smart’, ‘casual’ or ‘smart-casual’ again.
Here we’ll be taking the example of sportswear, the most perplexing of attire in …

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What Is Closed Traumatic Brain Injury?

Closed Traumatic Brain Injury is a type of Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. It occurs as a result of trauma, shaking, or some type of forcible blow to the head that can occur as the result of an accident, fall, or collision. There is usually no open wound, fracture of the skull, or immediate visible signs of injury.
There are usually many different problems and symptoms associated with the condition. For example, difficulty concentrating, thinking, or focusing for short or long periods of time. They also experience problems with short term …

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Biking – A Great Hobby For Young and Old

No matter how old you are, biking is fun and healthy for everyone. There are bikes to suit just about anyone’s needs and desires. There are bikes for road racing, off-road racing, trail riding, and pleasure riding just to name a few.
Today there are as many bikes to choose from as you can imagine. Most bicycle shops can help you choose which one will suit your needs. They will ask you a series of questions to get a good idea how you want to use …